SVEC - Events
Date Event Presenter Location
03/24/2000  Problems with the manpower in Hi-Tech industry in Silicon Valley. Prof. Aleksander Liniecki, San Jose State Universi  The Clubhouse in "Sunset Oaks" townhouse complex. 675 Picasso Terrace, Sunnyvale. 
05/19/2000  "Issues in Software Development Evolution - a Veteran Practitioner's Point of View". Dr. Zbigniew Sufleta  TBD 
06/23/2000  On June 23,2000 during the Club monthly meeting, Dr. Zofia Rek presented an interesting lecture about her work experience at Stanford Synchotron Radiation Laboratory where she works since 1980. Zofia Rek, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laborato  TBD 
09/22/2000  "Restructuring of the International energy sector - a combination of economics and politics". Piotr D. Moncarz  ACUSON (bldg.I) 1393 Shorebird Way (corner of Shoreline Blvd.), Mountain View 
10/21/2000  Performance of US economy in 2001. More about Dr. Belotti. Pictures. Dr. Mario Belotti, Professor of Economics, Santa C  Hotel Embassy Suites (Diplomat Room), 2885 Lakeside Drive, Santa Clara 
12/01/2000  Marketing Strategy for High Technology Companies with Disruptive Technologies, or Why Smart Engineers Fail in Bringing Advanced Products to Market. Dr. Janusz Bryzek  Blue Star Coffee, 1071 S. DeAnza Blvd, Cupertino 408.863.0707 
01/19/2001  Helping schools develop students' interest in science and technology: SCVSEFA and science fairs. Kerry Veenstra  TBD 

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