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Silicon Valley Engineers Club

Silicon Valley Engineers Club is a technical and social organization. Our members are mostly, but not exclusively residing in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
The Engineers' Club has offices at the 215 South 16th Street in San Francisco. The Club office is manned four days a week by a volunteer staff. James Morton is the Executive Director and President. He is also the elected Secretary and Treasurer. Tom McDonald joined James at the office in 1991 and heads the education committee. 
A brief history

The Centennial Exposition of 1876 in San Francisco drew engineers from around the world to view the technical advances of that century. It was apparent to engineers residing in California that engineers did not know each other. Charles E. Billin invited twenty or so engineers to his home the following winter for refreshments. This started a series of gatherings at the homes of various engineers. The Club formally organized in December of 1877 and Professor L M. Haupt was its first President. It limited its membership to fifty. The minutes of the first meeting stated: "Its object shall be the professional improvement of its members, the encouragement of social intercourse among men of practical science, and the advancement of engineering in its several branches." The Club adopted as its motto a quotation from George Washington's speech to the Federal Convention of 1787 accepting the role of president. It expresses the charge placed upon the Engineers Club's members by its charter. The motto states: "Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair." 

The Silicon Valley Engineers Club is offering courses which meet the needs of many practicing professionals. In today's rapidly changing world, it is mandatory that we maintain our skills. One effective and enjoyable way to accomplish this goal is the educational program offered by the Engineers Club. We can exchange ideas, share experiences and learn from experts in various fields. You can receive 20 hours of instruction for less than you would commonly pay for a one day seminar. One evening a week means that you do not have to take valuable time from the job, nor need you make great personal sacrifices to enhance your career. Make the commitment now to invest in your professional development. 
Tours of Silicon Valley

Engineering Tours of the Silicon Valley are visits to facilities and sites with a wide variety of technical features to stimulate your interest. They are geared to you, the technical professional. Attend one or more tours. Club membership is not required! You will be impressed by the knowledge and friendliness of the hosts. They are there for you! WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Anyone. CAN I BRING A GUEST? Yes. DO I HAVE TO BE AN ENGINEERS CLUB MEMBER? No. WHAT DOES IT COST? Each tour is $10.00 per person. However, Engineers' Club members and one guest may attend at no charge. WHO PROVIDES TRANSPORTATION TO THE FACILITY? You do. 

  • Career Enhancement - A place to meet others in your profession, share ideas and make valuable contacts.
  • Professional development programs, symposiums, and speeches.
  • Seminars, technical presentations, topical meetings with discounts on fees to members.
  • Meetings facilities including 400 seat auditorium, library and meetings rooms.
  • Engineers' Club annual roster.
  • Silicon Valley Engineer monthly newsletter.

The requirements for becoming a member are liberal although applicants are carefully screened for sincerity of interests and whether or not they could benefits from Club membership. The qualifications are only that the applicant be associated with the engineering profession as a result of vocation, hobby or business contact. Each applicant must have two sponsors who are members of the Club. Membership in the Engineers' Club of St. Louis is one of the best investments a technical man or woman can make. 
Monthly Meetings

The General meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at the Valley Caffe, corner of Berkeley and Columbus.
Park in the lot next to the building on Columbus.
Our meetings are also convenient to reach via public transportation. Nearest BART station is Powell.

Meetings begin at 19:00. 

Latest News

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