Start date 09/22/2000 
End Date  
Location ACUSON (bldg.I) 1393 Shorebird Way (corner of Shoreline Blvd.), Mountain View 
Presenter Piotr D. Moncarz 

"Restructuring of the International energy sector - a combination of economics and politics".

International market is undergoing a major restructuring of its energy sector. Many power plants were built to burn coal, which some countries claimed to have in unlimited supply. This system created inefficiency, mismanagement and environmental abuse. Piotr Moncarz talk will present the aspects of the International energy market restructuring with an emphasis on the privatization and modernization aspects of investment in small and medium size power plants. About the speaker: Piotr Moncarz was born and raised in Poznan, Poland. For last twenty years he has worked at a high profile consulting company: Exponent Failure Analysis, where he is a Principal Engineer and Corporate Vice President. For last seven years his efforts have included the development of a gas-fired electric power plant at Lake Zarnowiec near Gdansk, on the site of an abandoned project of the first Polish nuclear plant. The promotion of American investment into Polish economy has become his passion, as he believes this to be the most effective political independence insurance Poland can acquire while entering the new century. Piotr Moncarz has Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Stanford University, where he teaches graduate classes a Consulting Professor.

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