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An example of a simple Employees by Department report

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     Name Title Phone work Email
  George Randall  NT Administrator 
  Stan Knight  UNIX Administrator 
Department: Administration
  Conrad Murphy  CEO 
  Oleg Douglas  CTO 
  Vance Cole  Corporate Development 
Department: C++ Development
  Alexander Atkinson  Developer  (364) 134-5456 
  Andrew Scott  Developer 
  Eugene Zubler  C++ Development Manager 
  George Pennington  Developer  (364) 134-5413 
  Ian Gordon  Developer 
  Ken Price  Developer  (364) 134-5456 
  Nick Bergman  Developer 
  Vlad Young  Developer 
Department: Design
  Alex Groth  Designer 
Department: Documentation
  Arledge Archer  Technical Writer 
Department: Finance
  Helen Palmer  Accountant 
  Irina Douglas  Accountant 
Department: Solutions Development
  Alex Zanuck  Developer 
Department: Support
  Alex Antion  Support 
  Helen Deering  Support  (364) 134-5455 
Department: Testing
  Alex Zimb  Quality Assurance 
  Dennis Mansfield  Tester 
  Michael Barrett  Tester 
  Peter Larsen  Tester  (364) 134-5459 
  Serge Richards  Quality Assurance 
Department: Web Development
  Alex Knievel  Developer 
  Alexander Neville  Web Development Manager 
  Arty Blake  Developer 
  Ignace Shaw  Developer  (364) 134-5411 
  Michael Koenig  Developer 
  Oleg Tim  Developer 
  Stan Simon  Developer 
  Victor Tomlin  Developer 
  Vitas Reynolds  Developer 

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