Web Programming with CodeCharge Studio - Example Pack 2
Example Description
Dependent Listboxes
Two Dependent Listboxes An implementation of dependent drop-down menus (dependent listboxes)
Three Dependent Listboxes An implementation of multiple dependent drop-down menus (three dependent listboxes)
Uploading Files
Multiple File Uploads Uploading multiple file attachments
Dynamic Menus
Horizontal JavaScript Menu An implementation of dynamic (database-driven) horizontal Tigra menu (JavaScript)
Vertical JavaScript Menu An implementation of dynamic (database-driven) vertical  Tigra menu (JavaScript)
Horizontal CSS Menu Horizontal dynamic multi-level menu based on cascading stylesheets (CSS)
Vertical CSS Menu Vertical dynamic multi-level menu based on cascading stylesheets (CSS)
Directory Menu Using the Directory component to create two-level dynamic menu
Employee Report Employee report with "Hide/Show Component" action used in printable mode
Products By Category Report A report example
Order Detail Report Simple Order Detail report
Simple Report Simple Employees by Department report
Timesheet Report An advanced example of a timesheet report implementation
Calendar with Date Selection Simple Web calendar with date selection
Caching A demonstration of page caching features
Hide/Show Grid Columns Using panels to hide grid columns
Retrieving fields values from the server on the fly Retrieving field values from a database without refreshing the page
Horizontal Grid An implementation of horizontal grid
Horizontal Grid with Multiple Columns An implementation of horizontal grid with multiple columns