Assigned To

Task Project Priority Status Type Assigned To Start Date Finish Date
Get ready to click CodeCharge High Closed Task Peter Larsen 02/03/2003  02/04/2003 
Finish My Project My Project Highest Open Task Ignace Shaw 02/04/2003  02/05/2003 
Test this project. Test Project High In progress Task Ken Price 02/05/2003  02/06/2003 
Code with one hand. CodeCharge Highest Open Task Alexander Atkinson 02/06/2003  02/07/2003 
Get armed Test Project Highest On hold Task Helen Deering 02/07/2003  02/08/2003 
Code, code, code. Super Project Highest In progress Task George Pennington 02/09/2003  02/10/2003 
Sleep Test Project Lowest On hold Task Ken Price 02/10/2003  02/11/2003 
Have fun Super Project Highest Open Task Alexander Atkinson 02/11/2003  02/12/2003 
Great Project needs to be greater CodeCharge High On hold Issue Helen Deering 02/01/2003  02/02/2003 
Fix ALL bugs CodeCharge Highest Closed Question George Pennington 02/02/2003  02/03/2003 
Write more code Test Project Highest Open Question Ignace Shaw 02/08/2003  02/09/2003