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Employee Report


This example shows how to build an Employee Report.

Steps to recreate

  1. Use the Report Builder to create report departments_employees (based on the departments, employees, projects and projects_employees tables in database IntranetDB).
  2. For list box s_departments_department_id specify values in the following properties: IntranetDB in the Connection, departments in the Data Source, department_id in the Bound Column, department_name in the Text Column and Integer in the Data Type.
  3. Move field title from section detail to emp_name_Header.
  4. Switch to the HTML mode. Add Panel1 from the Forms tab.
  5. Add the Hide-Show components Action to Before Show event of Panel1. Also set the Action property to Hide, Condition Type property to Parameter, Compare As property to Text, Condition property to Equal.
    Also for 'Parameter1' set the Name property to ViewMode, Source Type property to URL.
    For 'Parameter2' set the Name property to "Print" and Source Type property to Expression.
  6. Add Panel2 from the Forms tab.
  7. Add the Hide-Show components Action to Before Show event of Panel2. Set the property values of the Action identical to described above.
  8. Make cosmetic changes as needed by modifying the text and captions within the HTML.

Database Tables Used

Database: IntranetDB

Tables: departments, employees, projects, projects_employees

Events Used

Hide-Show components Action of the Before Show event for form departments_employeesSearch, departments_employees_pro_Print link and Panel1 panel are used to hide components in the Print Mode.